Friday, July 1, 2011

Koreans studying abroad

I find most Korean students studying abroad annoying and aggravating. They enjoy intimidating people from other cultures with their cliquish, arrogant behavior. They think it's okay not to know how to speak English in English speaking countries and many of them are not even able to write properly structured essays. Some of them even get kicked out of class for plagiarism and still fail to realize its seriousness. Wherever they go, they'd get together to construct their own society and once that little community has been established, no one would ever try to step out of the 'comfort zone'. Their community is like a pan of pizza; everyone has to get together, stay in the same zone, and show complete respect to each other no matter what. If you choose to ignore them, you'll be isolated and hated until the very last day of your senior year. Most of them are losers who lack guts to compete with people from more superior backgrounds; in fact, their mediocre skills, abilities, and traits already put them far behind people from more advanced backgrounds. To be noticed or recognized, all they can do is to purchase a return ticket from Korean Air, travel back to Seoul (the world's most irritating city), and join internships, competitions, auditions, training programs, and etc., offered by KOREAN companies. For some industries, all they need in order to stand out amongst their competitors is the name of 'foreign' institution they are attending or have attended " __ KIM / LEE / PARK from _____ University in America / Canada / Australia..... " Everyone knows they can never compete with local students in America, Canada or Australia in any area except math / drawing / and some sports popular in Korea - oh well, their English is not fluent enough to allow them to communicate with other nationalities in the first place... It looks like South Korean society cares more about the 'name value' of the university they attended than the amount & quality of knowledge they gained.

My point is - I'm sick and tired of seeing Koreans who are not capable of succeeding internationally but love to brag about their 'small' accomplishments. They need to know that there are millions of others in this world that are way better than them and zip their mouths til they actually win REAL (internationally acknowledged) matches.

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