Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tim Tam & Chit Chat

I L-O-V-E Tim Tams. They are my all-time favorite cookies. When I was in Melbourne, I had about three packs of Tim Tams every week. Thanx to my metabolism~ I didn't really gain weight. =) But being here in Fiji..... it's almost impossible to have original Tim Tams! All they've got here is those fake-looking ones made in other countries. I'm thinking of switching to Qantas just to have frequent stopovers at Australian airports for Tim Tam shopping!

Anyway, I went to MH to get some snacks awhile ago and found a pack of Kiwi cookies called "Chit Chat". I admire Tip Top (Kiwi ice cream) and know that NZ makes a lot of good stuff in general, so I picked one up and took it to the counter. Since it was imported from NZ the price was a bit high but I did not hesitate. And as soon as I got home I unwrapped the whole pack like a 3 year old kid and took a big bite. Wow..... they were just like Tim Tams. BRUTALLY DELICIOUS!
I haven't been to New Zealand yet but if I have a chance to go there I'll definitely buy heaps of Chit Chat.

Tim Tam & Chit Chat - They are both equally AWESOME!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Korean Culture: An Invisible Zombie (The First Episode: In sa ttokbaro hae!)

Korean culture has brought immense chaos to both local and overseas Koreans. Once when I was in 6th grade, a group of 8th grade Korean girls approached us and ordered us to 'bow' to them every time we'd come across each other in the hallway. I had never realized until the end of my junior year in high school that they were just retards trying to be retards. I learned that their views and behaviors were ludicrous and unintelligent only when my high school principal officially declared the ban of 'South Korean style bow' on a high quality microphone connected to five huge Bose speakers. They actually had to gather all high school students to the Little Theater on a Monday morning just to make that announcement; I was really shocked to hear that there had been serious arguments and fights between Koreans due to this special tradition. According to the principal, senior students would always drag freshmen or sophomores to the wash room and beat them to a pulp if they forgot or chose not to bow to them in traditional South Korean way. The younger ones would usually be taken to the wash room upon ignoring the last warning sent out to them through SMS. The typical 'warning message' in their inbox would display something like 'bend yourself forward at 45 degrees and show respect"! (I have never gone down beyond 45 deg even when bowing to adults or old people) As long as I remember, the furthest I have ever gotten down to was around 10 degrees.)

Disgusted and tired of dealing with retards at ISM, I transferred to TCIS where on campus accommodation was provided to students with parents residing abroad. After submitting the boarding house application form online, I went to the housing office to meet with the housing director for a face to face interview. Though TCIS was physically located in South Korea, it was a WASC accredited American international school for the expatriate community and most of the students and faulty members were from America, Canada, and China. Korean students were not allowed to be enrolled unless they owned a foreign passport or had lived outside the country for a considerable number of years with at least one of their parents in the past. One of the most impressive things I heard from the director during the interview was that NO SENIORS WOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO FORCE THEIR YOUNGER PEERS TO BOW TO THEM IN TYPICAL KOREAN STYLE. The reason was simple; "all human beings are born free and equal."

In Korean schools, this nasty tradition is considered normally normal. I really really really thank my parents for leaving that country.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Korean women and Plastic Surgery

More and more Korean women are obsessed with plastic surgery these days. Despite criticisms, their burning desire and passion for 'fake beauty' keep them going. Today I met a REALLY PRETTY 20 year old Indian girl at a cellphone shop and guesstimated for a moment the amount of money it would take for beauty obsessed Korean girls (including famous Korean celebrities who've already gone under the knife) to look like that. THE FACT IS: There's no plastic surgeon in the world that could make Korean women look as beautiful as those naturally beautiful Indian or middle eastern women. It's not the matter of how much cash is poured into it. THE MOMENT KOREAN WOMEN REALIZE WHO THEY ARE, APPRECIATE THEIR OWN, UNIQUE BEAUTY AND EXPRESS IT NATURALLY WITH CONFIDENCE would be THE MOMENT THEY CAN START LIVING A DECENT, STRESS-FREE LIFE.

Thanx 2 my schools